Jason Cacioppo, A Jack Of All Trades, joins East Pleasant

April 29th, 2014

East Pleasant is happy to announce the addition of Director and Editor Jason Cacioppo to it's commercial roster. Cacioppo is the founder of visual and post house Subvoyant. Jason has emerged in the last several years proving himself as an up and coming live action director.

"Jason brings a wealth of experience in both his production and post production background", says East Pleasant’s EP Brad Edelstein. "He’s a natural fit for the streamline production model."

Jason has worked with numerous commercial clients, including 3M, Advil, Verizon & Chase. His live-action directing is a dynamic complement to his strong background working with VFX and integrated campaigns.

"For me, some of the savviest directors have the mindset of an editor and with Jason, that ability comes so natural” says, Edelstein.

Cacioppo's addition strengthens an ever growing roster for the East Pleasant family and complements sister company EP*Vision’s design and animation strength.